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Advokátní kancelář poskytuje právní služby svým klientům v oblasti obchodního práva, smluvních vztahů, práv duševního vlastnictví, zastupuje klienty v soudních řízeních civilních a obchodních

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JUDr. Jiří Matzner, Ph.D., LL.M.


The Nottingham Trent University – via B.I.B.S., a.s. Brno
LL.M. – December 2009
Dissertation: “Legal regulation of software from copyright perspective”

Western-Bohemian University in Pilsen, Czech Republic (Západočeská univerzita)
Ph.D. Degree – May 2006
Dissertation: „Protection and execution of rights to computer programme”
JUDr. Degree – March 2001
Rigorous thesis: „Eviction Arguments“
Master Degree in Law – September 1999
Dissertation: „Juvenile punishment“


Law Office
Matzner et al
Vinohradská 25, Prague 2
Since 2003 Lawyer

Law Office
JUDr. PhDr. Oldřich Choděra a spol.
Národní 25, Prague 1
1999 – 2002 Trainee Lawyer

Law Office
JUDr. Jiří Lajčík
Vodičkova 28, Prague 1
1999 Assistant

Professional Interests & Specialization (speaker activities)

Software Law, Business-Implementation Contracts, License Agreements, Criminal Law, Civil Law (incl. Family relations), Lease Contracts, Purchase and Sale of Real Estates.
In 2008, in addition to other activities, has been actively participating in mini-team of experts cooperating with Ministry of Justice, Czech Republic, focusing on re-codification of civil code, specializing on lease relations and license agreements.
As part of the ‘further education of judges’ project actively participated on lectures organized for judges from City Court in Prague and the Highest Administrative Tribunal in the Czech Republic (2008), with focus on copyright, protection of rights to computer programmes and licensing agreements.
Lecturing activities in area of Computer Law at Bank Institute University s.r.o. since 2005. In 2006 – 2007, lecturing activities in area of Civil Law at International Institute of Business and Law s.r.o., with main focus on general questions in civil-law relations and copyright definitions of computer programmes including contractual agreements.
Besides lecturing and specialized activities, has been also leading several commercial seminars and lectures focusing on copyright, protection of rights to computer programme and electronic trade.
In 2010 published a monography “Legal regulativ of computer programme from the perspective of copyright.”; KEY Publishing, Ostrava, 2010.
In June 2010, he was appointed an expert in the copyright area, listed in the register of experts maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague.


September/December 1998 – Ernst – Moritz – Arndt – Universitat Greifswald, Rechts und Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultat Greifswald, SRN (prof. H. Dunkel)